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Umpire Coordinator


Welcome to the Umpire Coordinator Resource Site! Please read each page on this site to familiarize yourself with the dynamics, processes, and requirements of the Umpire Coordinator position.



EG Softball is responsible for staffing umpires during the Recreational, Travel, and FallBall Seasons. The Umpire Coordinatoris responsible for booking an adequate staff of umpire personnel.

The Umpire Coordinator provides and maintains any records required by the treasurers and the vendors accounting requirements, for example, Umpire Sign in Sheets.  

The Umpire Coordinatoris responsible for scheduling and all schedule events, including managing the online schedule on All schedule events will be submitted to the Umpire Coordinator for entry online. Schedule Events are defined as any EG Softball event that should be entered online.

Overviews Etc:

  • Overview: Staffing
  • Overview: Accounting
  • Overview: Scheduling
  • The Rules
  • Managing Conflict


Umpire Staffing

The Umpire Coordinator is responsible for scheduling umpires for any game on EGGSL fields where umpires are required.

These consist of all Junior Major/Major and Intermediate Division Regular Season and Playoff games, all Minor Division Playoff games, all Hudson Mohawk travel games on EGGSL fields, all Fall Ball games on EGGSL fields, and any games EGGSL is responsible for staffing umpires.

The current Umpire Assignor Vendor is John deFlumer.


Send the Umpire Assignor the Preliminary Schedule as soon as possible.

Once the Master Schedule is completed, send the Umpire Assignor any changes.

Coordinate with the Umpire Assignor throughout the season.

Cancels and Rainouts


For any game cancelled due to weather notify the Umpire Assignor no later than 2 hours prior to the scheduled game time.

Coordinate with the Field Coordinator to determine if games need to be cancelled and contact the Assignor as soon as it's officially cancelled. If the game is cancelled any later than 2 hours prior to game time, EGGSL will be billed for that game. (make sure to notify all "need to knows")


Notify the Umpire Assignor 48 hours prior to the originally scheduled game time or EGGSL will be billed for that game.





The Umpire coordinator provides and maintains umpire sign-in sheets, based on the treasurers and the vendors accounting requirements. Typically, it should include the timeslot, the field, and space for 2 umpire signatures.

Click Here for a template.

File the signed sheets at the clubhouse.

Depending on the vendor and the treasurer's accounting requirements, it may be neccesary to reconcile the sign in sheets against the vendor bill. In a vendor-bills-us system, there may be disputes, keep detailed records. (this is not the case with a pay-as-you-go system where umpires receive checks on game day. This is the preferable method, but different vendors have different policies and accounting requirements).


Work with the treasurer and umpire assignor to determine the best practices PRIOR to the season!


Schedule All EGGSL Events

See the Scheduling tab for logistics.

The Umpire Coordinatorinsures that all EG Softball events are posted to the online schedule. The webmaster and anyone trained on administration can assist, but one person should be responsible for the online schedule for control purposes.

Use the Navigation Panel on the left for links to scheduling guidelines, templates, and resources.

EG Softball Events

Recreational Season
All Regular Season Games
All Inter-league Scrimmages
All Playoff/Championship Games
All Practices on EG Softball Fields  

EGCSD Softball Games on EGSoftball Fields       

Travel Teams and FallBall
All Home Games
All Practices/Scrimmages on EG Softball Fields
All Reschedules
Parade/Opening Day Celebration
Minor and Mini-Minor Division Coach Pitch/Player Pitch Transition Date (midway through the season)
Divisional “Moving-Up” or Allstar Games, to be submitted with Rec schedule. (optional, Board decision)
Coaches v. Board Annual Game, to be submitted with Rec Schedule (optional, Board Decision)
Travel Team Tryouts

Meetings: Board meetings, committee meetings, Draft, etc.

The online schedule should always be current and available for Parents, Managers, Coaches, Players, and Boardmembers as a reliable resource.

Regarding the Rules

As the Umpire Coordinator, you will be expected by parents, coaches, and board-members to be a walking rule book! It's assumed that if you are the Umpire Coordinator, that you have read them cover to cover and can recite them ver batim!

All board members should be pretty familiar with the rules. But it is important as Umpire Coordinatorto read through the EGGSL rules, focusing on items that that directly concern the position. The pertinent excerpts from the rules are included on this site, but it is a good idea to open the Rules pdf and search for "Umpire Coordinator" to get an idea of everything that is expected of the position.


This page will provide the Umpire Coordinator with some guidelines in conflict scenarios that may come up. Check back for Updates.

Scheduling Complaints

There will be scheduling complaints. They will range from the mild to the the severe. Keep online current and send emails to all involved parties regarding any schedule changes. Advise anyone with a complaint that online is current. Be sure to notify anyone that needs to know about a schedule change as soon as it happens.







  • Click Here to see 2011's Master Schedule.
  • Click Here to see 2011's Team by Team Schedules.
  • Click Here to open the 2012 Schedule BlankTemplate.

The Umpire Coordinator schedules every practice, scrimmage, travel game, rec game, fall ball game, and playoff game, maintains changes throughout the seasons, deals with conflicts and rainouts, and is responsible for scheduling anything that happens on EGGSL fields or is EGGSL sponsored. These steps lay out the process in a linear fashion and account for many scheduling concerns that may come up.

Each of these steps has a corresponding details tab below.

Start by checking out the Scheduling Process for an overview.

Read the Perform Quality Control detail tab. This is a checklist that identifies problems with the schedule, it's a good idea to read up on it before starting to schedule.

Schedule Practices for the Preseason.

Create the Conflicts List as soon as the schools release thier schedules. The schedule can't be started until the conflicts are identified by division.

The Divisional Matchups Template is an Excel workbook that includes schedules for a 12 game season for 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Team divisions. Once the final team counts are in, start scheduling!

Use the Master Schedule Template Excel workbook to start building the Rec Season in Excel.

Schedule the Playoffs

Add the Team Sponsors to the daily schedule with find and replace as soon as they are finalized.

Create the Team Schedules from the first draft of the daily schedule. The Team schedules identify problems and inequitible situations that can cause drama during a season. Use the team schedules when entering games online.

Balance Field Distribution issues that are identified by reviewing the Team schedules.

Perform Quality Control on both the daily schedule and the team schedules using this checklist.

Enter Games Online to the Website Schedule.

Schedule the Coach Pitch Cutoff for the younger divisions.

Schedule Travel Team games and schedules.

Schedule Fall Ball games.

Schedule any Interleague Scrimmages.


Scheduling Guidelines

Detail Tabs

  • Scheduling Process
  • Schedule Practices
  • Create the Conflicts List
  • The Divisional Matchups Template
  • The Master Schedule Template
  • Schedule the Playoffs
  • Add Team Sponsors
  • Create the Team Schedules
  • Balance Field Distribution
  • Peform Quality Control
  • Enter Games Online
  • Coach Pitch Cutoff
  • Schedule Travel Teams
  • FallBall
  • InterLeague Scrimmages
  • 2009's Excel Schedule


Scheduling Process Overview


The information tabs on this page include step by step instructions for each of these components. Italic text indicates a reference to a component that is explained in detail under an information tab.

The recreational season runs for 7 weeks starting the last Saturday in April.  Championship Saturday is typically one week before the Hudson Mohawk travel league’s first double-header weekend.
Umpires are assigned for the Jr. Major/Major and Intermediate divisions.  

Preliminary Schedule

  • Provide the umpire assignor with a preliminary schedule as early as possible. Shoot for February.

      • Base it on past final schedules.  Reserve slots for Jr. Major/Major and Intermediate games. 
      • Once finalized this can be used as a template every year.

Pre-Season Rec Practice Schedule

Schedule Rec team practices.See the "Schedule Practices" Tab.

Travel Practice Schedule

Schedule Travel Team practices. See the "Schedule Practices" Tab.

Master Schedule

  • Create the Conflicts List.
  • The 2nd Vice President provides the Umpire Coordinator with final team counts. It is impossible to schedule games without team counts.
  • Create a new master schedule for the season from the Master Schedule Template.   
  • Schedule 12 games for every team over six weeks, ending  one week prior to Championship Saturday. 
  • The season usually starts the last Saturday in April. It is typically coordinated with Little League's opening day. Championship Saturday typically happens one week before the Hudson Mohawk travel leagues doubleheader weekend that kicks off that season.
  • Enter games into the Master Schedule. See The Divisional Matchups tab for details.Here are a few specific scheduling considerations:
    • Schedule the mini minor and tball divisions throughout playoff week, but not on primary fields.
    • Schedule a t-ball or mini-minor game on Winne at 5:45 one or two nights a week.  This allows an intermediate night game under the lights to follow on weeknights.  This helps with intermediate players who have conflicts with school games, and gives  the intermediate teams more night games, and the younger divisions more games on Winne Field. Match these nights up to the Modified Team conflicts.   
    • Saturdays: Schedule around Little League to reduce parking lot congestion if possible.
    • School Games:  Attempt to schedule around the Suburban Council and Patroon Conference Girls Softball Away Games for Maple Hill and Columbia/Goff.  
  • Schedule Playoffs and Championships.
  • Perform the First Pass Quality Control Review.See the Quality Control Checklist tab for details.
  • Update the Master Schedule with the team names. See the Add Team Sponsors tab for details.
  • Perform the Final Quality Control Review. See the Quality Control Checklist tab for details.
  • Send changes to the Umpire Assignor. 

Team Schedules

  • Create Team Schedules from the day by day schedule.
  • Review them for balance and other concerns.
  • The team schedules can be sent to managers if there will be a delay before the online schedule is entered. It is preferable to send managers instructions to pull thier team schedules online.

Online Schedule

Once Team Sponsorship Assignments are final, the website administrator creates teams for the season. When the teams have  been created, and if the schedule is final:

  • Enter each game online, See the Enter Games Online tab to get started. Schedule by division. Split it up among anyone who knows how.
  • Quality Control Review.
  • Prepare an email to be sent to all registrants with a link to the online schedule and instructions on how to filter by team. <alert: the schedule is live document, make sure managers understand this from the get-go!>

Travel and Fall Ball Seasons

Schedule the Travel and Fall Ball seasons online, see the Schedule Travel Teams and FallBall tabs for details.




Practices, Scrimmages, and BP

Any scheduled practice is subject to cancellation if the slot is needed for a make-up game, Rec or Travel.

Who can reserve fields and batting cages?

Rec and travel managers will request fields for practices and the batting cages for bp. Use of the facilities and equipment is ecouraged for all registered members of EG Softball. Managers should book timeslots with the Umpire Coordinator. If anyone but a manager requests a booking they should coordinate with thier rec or travel manager.

The batting cages and Winne field are two separate locations and need to be booked independently.

Pre-Season Practices

The Umpire Coordinator will schedule practices for Recreational teams when school fields are released by EGCSD or EGGSL fields are released by the Field Coordinator as playable.

Schedule practices starting with the JMM division, working down until there are no more practice slots remaining.

EGGSL will provide as many practices as possible to as many divisions as possible.


Typically there are last minute field prep required to get ready for opening day. No practices that Friday.

Click here for step by step instructions on adding a practice online!

Travel Team Practices

Work with the Travel Coordinator to come up with a Sunday practice schedule for all Travel teams. Assign 2 hour blocks throughout the day on the primary fields. These slots should be recurring events From April through July. Travel managers who do not intend to use a slot for a given day should notify the Umpire Coordinator so the slot can be opened up.

Travel managers can book any field in any open slot. They should submit thier requests to the Umpire Coordinatorwell in advance.

Rec games have precedence over Travel practice. Throughout the rec season, there will be "dark" days each week where no rec games for a particuliar division are scheduled. "Dark" days may not always be the same each week. Travel managers should consult the schedule at and schedule weeknight practices in consideration of the Rec division's schedule.

Practices In General

Travel and Rec Managers can practice anywhere, such as the East Greenbush town park, or EGCSD school fields Managers can request any open slots for practice. Players are covered by EGGSL insurance wherever they are participating in an EGGSL practice or game.

Managers can request any open slots, and should always cancel any bookings if they aren’t planning on using them.

Non-EG Softball Fields

Any fields that will be used regularly by EG Softball for practices (such as school fields) are considered EG Softball fields in respect to the schedule.  The Umpire Coordinator will schedule all practices or games on these fields.

Managers should request practices on these fields after consulting the online schedule for openings.

In the pre-season, the Umpire Coordinator assigns Rec team practices, and practices on these fields may be assigned as well.

Batting Cages

Managers and coaches must book the batting cages with the umpire coordinator. Because some teams won't use the cages during thier practices on Winne, they need to be booked separately by the manager, the batting cages and Winne field are two separate locations and need to be booked independently.

Batting cages can be booked during games. Managers can book the batting cages during thier own games. Cages can be booked during other team's practices.

Managers and coaches should be encouraged to check out the online schedule to make sure the slot they are booking is open. Promote the use the filtering tool online which can be set up to display all bookings for any location.


Managers must book fields for scrimmages with the Umpire Coordinator. If the manager is requesting umpires, it is a discretionary item subject to board review. (This is typically not a problem unless there are financial concerns. The board could decide that it is the travel teams responsibility to pay for the umps, for example.)



Conflicts List

EGGSL schedules around certain events such as school like proms, awards ceremonies, and some school games. Different events impact different divisions. Before scheduling any games, the conflict list needs to be updated and entered into the Master Schedule to filter out conflicts prior to scheduling.

Review the 2009 conflicts below. These include annual school events in East Greenbush and Schodack school districts. There is a template for this worksheet in the Master Schedule Template. Enter the dates of these conflicts into the worksheet in the Master Schedule.


East Greenbush Schools Schedule


Schodack Central Schools Schedule

EGGSL makes every attempt to consider school events when scheduling. In many cases the divisions effected would have a great number of players not able to play a game on these dates. Sometimes it is not possible to schedule around an event, but it is always good to know about it ahead of time. When scheduling a game on a known conflict, email the managers to give them a heads up.

EGGSL does not schedule around dance recitals,etc.


Attempt to schedule around the Suburban Council and Patroon Conference Girls Softball Away Games for Maple Hill and Columbia/Goff.  
Correlate Varsity and JV and Freshmen to the Jr. Major/Major divisions, and Modified to the Intermediate division.  
Away games should be considered conflicts. Players playing an Away school game won’t make it to a 6:15 rec game start. For Jr. Major/Major, don’t schedule earlier than 8pm start.  For Intermediate, attempt to match up to the early start mini-minor or t-ball 5:45 game, starting the Intermediate game at 7:15.

Modified Games on Winne

The Goff School Modified team plays games on Winne. Don't start any games until 6:15 p.m on these days.

*The events using letter codes in the daybyday example are EGCSD Girls softball games: M- Modified; F - Freshman; JV; V- Varsity.

Current List of Conflicts

Use these Conflicts as a guide, but add or delete as needed.

Before scheduling any division, fill in the conflicts worksheet and merge it into the daybyday worksheet.

Level Affected Event
JMM CHS Awards Presentation Ceremony
JMM CHS Junior Prom
JMM CHS Senior Prom
JMM CHS Spring Concert
JMM EGCSD: Freshman Softball
JMM EGCSD: JV Softball
INT EGCSD: Modified Softball
JMM EGCSD:Varsity Softball
MIN/MM/INT/JMM Freihofer Run for Women
INT Goff Grade 7 Philadelphia Trip
JMM Goff Grade 8 Concert
JMM Goff Grade 8 Washington D.C. Trip
Int/JMM Goff High Honors Dinner
JMM Great East Festival (Grade 8)
Int/Min Maple Hill Grade 5 & 6 Concert
Int/JMM Maple Hill Grade 7 & 8 Spring Concert
JMM Maple Hill Grade 8 Reception
JMM Maple Hill HS Honors Reception
JMM Maple Hill HS Spring Concert and Ice Cream Social
JMM Maple Hill Junior and Senior Prom
Int/JMM Maple Hill MS Sports Award Night
JMM National Honor Society Induction Ceremony
JMM NYS Grade 8 Social Studies Test 
JMM NYS Grade 8 Social Studies Test Tomorrow
JMM SAT Tests Tomorrow
Int/JMM String Recital (Grades 6 - 12)



Using the Divisional Match-ups Template

The Divisional Matchups Template includes a template for a 12 game season for 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Team divisions.  If the team count for the division being scheduled is not included, use pivot tables to output a Schedule Template.

  • Enter each division's games into the master schedule into the day to day worksheet based on the appropriate template.
  • Filter out the individual team schedules.
  • Enter each teams schedule into thier respective division's worksheet.
  • Quality Control: Use the quality control guidelines to ensure equitable game distribution and other factors.

The Master Schedule Template details tab has detailed instructions for these steps.

  • Click Here to see 2011's Master Schedule.
  • Click Here to see 2011's Team by Team Schedules.
  • Click Here to open the 2012 Schedule BlankTemplate.



How to use the Master Schedule Template

Save a copy of the Master Schedule Template, name it year_MASTER.xls. Update and back it up periodically throughout the scheduling process and the season.

It is crucial to have a strong comfort level with Excel 2007 (or later), especially the extended filtering features available.


Use the diffferent worksheets for reference throughout the season. Check out an example of a completed season. This is a dynamic and everchanging workbook. The purpose or each worksheet is to keep track of relevant lists of dates and other information. Mostly, thier purpose and how to use them are obvious. But a couple need a little more explanation:

JMM/INT Worksheet

Book umpires for the regular season for both the Junior Major/Major and Intermediate divisions. Use this worksheet to track games in only these divisions and coordinate with the Umpire Assignor throughout the season.

Easily filter out the games in only these divisions from the daybyday worksheet, paste the results to the jmm/int worksheet. This is the worksheet that is sent to the Umpire Assignor. Use it to manage Umpire Assignments throughout the season.

DayByDay Worksheet

This is the Master Schedule. It includes several datafields that are key in managing the schedule throughout the season as well as during scheduling. A list of all the datafields are below. Maintain these fields and use filters to display different queries.

See the comments next to the datafield names for further explanations:

Away Team
Home Team

isMoved from
This datafield is used to keep track of a game's history.

A general notes field.

The Conflict DataFields: Each division has it's own conflict field.
Each record is a separate date. Enter a "1" in these fields if there is a conflict for that division on that date. This makes it easy to filter out dates when scheduling by division.


This datafield serves as a reminder that a game has a conflict that was not scheduled around. Enter a "1" in this field if that is the case. Sometimes it is unavoidable. Give the managers a heads up if thier game is scheduled on a known conflict for thier division so they can determine if it effects thier players.

Note what the conflict is in this datafield.



Tournament Seeding

Women’s, Major, Jr. Major, and Intermediate Divisions: Tournament seeding will be based on regular season standings. Regular season standings will be based on winning percentage.  In the event of a tie in the regular season standings, the tie will be broken by the results of head-to-head games between the tied teams. If a tie still exists, the tie shall be broken by random selection (e.g. coin flip for a two team tie) administered by the Umpire Coordinator. 

Minor Division: Tournament seeding will be based on random selection administered by the
Umpire Coordinator.

Scheduling the Playoffs

  • Use this method <add process> to determine matchups.
  • Allow 2 hours for each playoff game.
  • Minor Division: Schedule two adult umpires rather than Jr. Umpires for all minor divisional playoff games and the championship.



Team Sponsorhip

The 2nd Vice President will provide the Umpire Coordinator with the Team Sponsorship Correlation Table.

Run find-and-replace in the master schedule with the Team Names. Once the schedule is final and the team sponsors is final, enter the schedule online.

(suggestion: retain the original name, ie: Find m1; replace: m1_Quigleys)


Team Schedules

Create Team schedules from the data in the day by day worksheet.

This procedure uses Access to pull each teams schedule from data imported from the Master Schedule daily worksheet.

Create a new Database and import the Daily data.

Run the query for each team, and then copy the results back into the Master Schedule to a new worksheet for Teams.

Create a new database and Import the daily data

Open access, create a blank database, name it and save it.

Import the daybyday worksheet:
from the file menu, select get external data:




navigate to the master workbook, select it,  click import

the import spreadsheet wizard comes up,
select the day by day worksheet, click next,
click “ok” to any errors regarding column headings:

select “first row contains column headings”, click next

select appropriately,
if you are doing it for the first time, select new table, if updating, select existing, and select the appropriate table


click finish



you have imported the daybyday data from the excel workbook into an access table, it should be visible in the Table's list:

create the teams query

select "queries" from the menu on the left side, and create a query in design view:


in the show table window, select the daybyday table


the table is now available to the query:


create a query that outputs one teams schedule:

click view at the top of the screen,

select “sql view”

highlight whatever is there, and paste the sql statement below over it,

save the query, name it “teams” or

build the query manually, using the gui query builder by adding fields and conditions to match the graphic below

it's easier to paste this sql into the sql box:

select,, daybyday.time, daybyday.field, daybyday.[away team], daybyday.[home team]
from daybyday
where (((daybyday.[away team]) like "jmm-3*")) or (((daybyday.[home team]) like "jmm-3*"));

once complete, on the view menu, select “design”, this is gui representation of the sql query, see that the only criteria are in the away and home column, and they appear on separate lines. this query pulls all instances of jmm-3, followed by anything (*), in the home column, or the away column, along with dates, times, udays:



click the exclamation mark in the toolbar. that runs the query:

Copy the results into the Master Schedule

copy and paste the results into the teams worksheet in your master workbook.

go back to access and modify the query for the next team

click view/design view (or the little speedsquare/pencil/ruler icon),

change the criteria:
like "jmm-3*" to like "jmm-4*"
change it in both columns, run the query again (exclamation mark)

rinse and repeat.

paste the results into the teams worksheet. Go back to Access, modify the query for the next team, continue until all teams schedules are created. Break the results up by division. The final teams worksheet will be used to enter the online schedule.


Field Distribution

It is important to distribute fields evenly. If a team is not on Winne enough, they may feel slighted. Too much, and parents complain about too much concession time (although that may not be an issue if concession is outsourced!). Night games, etc, should be divided up as evenly as possible.

Although attempts may be made to balance while roughing the first draft of the schedule, field allocation by division can only really be measured once the entire division is already scheduled. It is very unlikely that the first draft of the schedule will be perfectly balanced.

  • In the Team by Team divisional worksheet, filter so only games on Winne display. It may be apparent that one team or another is laden with Winne appearances. If so, gather the metrics. There are pivot tables that can be used to view this data (they are not part of this database, but feel free to build them). There is sql that can be used in Access to pull each teams games on a certain field. It is difficult in Excel with the filtering features to include an OR statement.

  • Using the metrics from the team by team sheet as reference, and working in the day by day sheet (ALL EDITS ARE DONE IN THE DAY BY DAY SHEET!), begin taking Winne games from the teams with an excess and giving them to teams with not enough. Attempt to balance until the average amount of games on winne across the JMM/INT/M divisions is 6 (some teams can have 7 and others 5 if necessary).  For the  lower divisions the average amount of games on winne will be around 3.

  • Import the day by day table into Access again, run the queries for the team by team schedules and overwrite the old schedules with the new ones. Continue QC.



Scheduling Quality Control Checklist

Review this checklist prior to scheduling to get an idea of the requirements of balancing the schedule. Once the first draft of the schedule is done follow this checklist to ensure quality and balance. Use it for each rendition.

Use Excel's Autofilter feature to check out different scenarios to help identify problems.

QC both the daybyday schedule and the team by team schedules.

Day by Day Schedule

  • Saturdays: filter out all but Saturdays and blanks (including the blanks helps with reading, putting some space between weeks).
    • Make sure that games in the jmm/int division are scheduled back to back, with no gaps, so contract umpires don't have gaps in thier day.

  • Weekdays: filter out all but weekdays and blanks. Review for problems.

  • Weeknights: Filter out all but weeknight late games. Reveiw for balancing and errors (for example, a mm game may be scheduled at 9 pm inadvertantly)

  • Fridays: Filter out all but Fridays and blanks. Review for balancing, field allocation, anything that looks strange.

  • Never leave Winne open while other fields are filled.
    • Review for situations where Winne is open and Patriot and/or Goff are filled. Move all games, Patriot to Winne, Goff to Patriot, leaving Goff open. (If a game is cancelled during the season, shift other games appropriately.)

  • Divisions: Filter out all but one division, no blanks. Review each division's whole day by day schedule for balancing, etc. (ie: make sure no M, INT, or JMM games were scheduled on a secondary field (not Patriot or Winne).

  • Fields: filter out all but one division (no blanks). Filter out all fields but one. (no blanks). The record count will indicate how many games on each field the division plays. Check each division on each field. Review for balance, etc.

  • Under the Lights:The players enjoy playing under the lights. Make sure each team gets at least one night game. Filter out all but the late start times. Then filter all but one division. Review the results to ensure all teams in each division get at least one night game. Review the team schedules (see below) to ensure balance, make sure one team is not playing 11 night games while another in the division is only playing 2.

Team by Team Schedule

  • Doublecheck Game Count: The divisional templates gaurantee 12 games, 6 home, 6 away, for each team. But it's possible to repeat a game or delete a game by accident while scheduling.

  • Check for Gaps and Clusters. In each Team’s schedule, review the dates for big gaps between games and clusters of many games in short periods. A team that has a big gap will usually have a cluster also. Attempt to balance.

  • Doubleheaders: Schedule doubleheaders only when neccesary (end of season, makeups required, etc.). Review the team schedules for unintentional doubleheaders.

  • Field Distribution:Check field assignments for all teams. Highlight one team's schedule, turn autofilter on, sort by field. Balance field distribution as evenly as possible.
  • Under the Lights: Each team should play at least one game under the lights in all divisions. Schedule the younger divisions on Friday or Saturday night. Balance late games across the division as equitable as possible.

  • Saturday and Weekday Games: Each team should play a weekday game and a Saturday game each week. In divisions with an odd number of teams, one team will not play on Saturday, but may play twice during the week to catch up. In these divisions, alternate the teams playing twice a week. Review each team's schedule for balance in comparison to the other teams in the division.

  • Fix this, break that: Following these guidelines and running these filters to review and correct problems should balance the schedule, but it may take a few go-arounds, and in the process fixing one problem could cause another. Weigh the benefits and liabilities of the options and decide the best course of action.

Exhibition Games:

  • Make sure placeholders are in the schedule for any Exhibition games such as boardmembers v. coaches, little league v. softball, "moving up" or graduation games, or any games not part of the Rec or Travel season. It is crucial to schedule these games prior to the start of the season to avoid confusion later. They do not need to be added online until they are definite, but placeholders should be added to the day by day worksheet so the scheduler is ready for them. The board should have a good idea what, if any, exhibition games will take place.


The Umpire Coordinatoris responsible for scheduling and all schedule events, including managing the online schedule on All schedule events will be submitted to the Umpire Coordinator for entry online. Schedule Events are defined as any EG Softball event that should be entered online.

Once the schedule and the sponsorhips are finalized, enter the games online. Use the team schedules, enter each team's games until there are no more games to enter. Sort online by team, and compare the results to the master team schedules in Excel to ensure no errors were made.

It is not possible to load the games from Excel into the Online schedule, each game must be entered individually, which leaves room for error. It's important to doublecheck against the Excel sheets to avoid confusion later. Coaches, Parents, Players, and Board Members rely on the Online Schedule to be accurate.

  • Enter a Game, Practice, or Event Online
  • Reschedule Online
  • Enter Scores Online

Enter a Game, Practice, BP, or Event Online

  • Click here to add an event, practice, or game. Check with the webmaster for the password.
  • Click “add an event or practice” or “add a game”.
  • Use as many fields as appropriate to the event. For example make sure that all practices are set as practices so they are easily filtered.
  • Select the date, start and end times.
  • The Assigned to field: For rec teams, assign the team. For travel, leave it as East Greenbush as the travel teams wont show up in the dropdown.
  • Event name: Games will autofill. For travel practices, enter the travel team. For rec practices, enter practice or bp.
  • Event type: Select the appropriate event type
  • Select the location.
  • The description is a good place to note any schedule changes that already occurred for your notes and the public, or any other notes the public should know. This field is used for the highlights.
  • Click a submit button

The event will display in the online schedule.

Recurring Events: The functionality to do recurring events exists. Use the Recurring button to launch the setup GUI.

That is helpful for the Sunday travel practices, they go right through july. Be very careful with recurring appointments. The scheduling tool is not like Outlook where you can open the series and edit it. once it is submitted, they are all individual events and cant be edited globally. If a recurring appointment is entered that is wrong it is possible to request the webmaster at hometeams online to fix it for us, but the feature isn’t available to the enduser.

Reschedule a Game, Practice, BP, or Event Online

  • Click here to reschedule a game, practice or event. Check with the webmaster for the password.
  • Click the Info button for the event and make changes as needed.

Standings and Highlights


The Umpire Coordinatormaintains the division standings, using the online Schedule Tool.

Standings are maintained for the Minor, Intermediate, and Jr.Major/Major divisions. Standings determine tournament seeding for the Intermediate and Jr. Major/Major divisions. Tournament Seeding for the minor division is determined by random selection administered by the Umpire Coordinator

Managers in each of these divisions are required to submit scores to the Umpire Coordinatoras soon as possible after completing a game. It is a good idea to email the managers of for missing scores each week and stay on top of the standings to avoid mass confusion at the end of the season when doing tournament seeding.


Occasionally there is a discrepancy in the scores reported by the managers. Post the first score received online. If the 2nd score received is different but the outcome (win/loss) is the same, email both managers and advise them of the discrepancy. If they agree to the change, change it online. If they disagree, leave it as is.

If the outcome is in dispute, the two managers have to consult and come to an agreement. If they can not agree, change the score to a 0-0 tie online.


Game Highlights are published online and in the Advertiser. The girls love to read them.

Highlights are published online in the game summary, and in the Advertiser's youth sports section. Along with being fun for the girls, these highlights represent EGGSL publicly and are a selling point for sponsorships (team names are mentioned online and in print). The Public Relations Coordinator should proof each submission and edit the content for spelling, grammar, and suitability.

The Umpire Coordinatorand the Public Relations Coordinator use a workflow like this:

Managers email Scores & Highlights to the Umpire Coordinator Umpire Coordinatorenters scores online so the standings are updated as soon as received.

UC forwards the highlights to the PRC. PRC proofs and edits the highlights, updates the game summaries online, and submits weekly announcements to the Advertiser. If the PRC is not comfortable with the online schedule tool, edit the copy and forward it to the Umpire Coordinatoror Webmaster for publishing.

Note: In order to enter a highlight, it's required to enter a score. For the lower divisions where standings aren't kept, enter a score of 99-99.

Manager's Guidelines for Submitting Highlights

  • All managers in all divisions are encouraged to submit game highlights.
  • Managers should try to mention every girl on the team at some point during the season.
  • No Negativity! No complaints towards opposing teams or umpires. Managers with concerns should express them to thier divisional representative.
  • Include shout-outs such as defensive, pitching and hitting highlights. Feel free to compliment the opposing team or the officials!


Coach Pitch Cutoff Date

Each division's representative will determine the coachpitch cutoff date for their respective division.  As soon as it is decided, the division representative will notify the UC, Webmaster, or other Website administrator and request the schedule be updated.  The website admin will enter each division's cutoff date as an Event on the schedule.

(setting the cutoff date was formerly the UC's responsibility)


Scheduling the Travel League

The Travel Coordinator will provide the Umpire Coordinator with all travel team schedules.

Each home game needs to be entered into the online schedule and umpires need to be booked. Make sure to determine how many umpires are required for the games (10u may use only one ump).

The Umpire Coordinator and Travel Coordinator will reschedule any rainouts or cancellations.

Travel managers must book all practices and bp with the UC

The Travel Coordinator will provide the Umpire Coordinatora schedule for all travel team tryouts to be entered online.



The Fall Ball Coordinator will provide the Umpire Coordinator with all Fall Ball team schedules.

Each home game needs to be entered into the online schedule and umpires need to be booked. Make sure to determine how many umpires are required for the games (10u may use only one ump).

Cancelled Fall Balll games are not required to be rescheduled. In the event both managers desire a make up, the Umpire Coordinator and Fall Ball Coordinator will reschedule any rainouts or cancellations according to field availability.

Fall Ball managers must book all practices and bp with the Umpire Coordinator


Interleague Scheduling

EGGSL can participate in officiated scrimmages with other local leagues. Individual managers may make arrangements, or leagues may agree to scrimmages throughout a season in all or some divisions. It is the Umpire Coordinator's responsibility to work with the scheduler from the other league and schedule the scrimmages as equitable as possible, and to schedule umpires for all home games.



Click Here to check out 2009's finished Master Schedule in Excel, for reference.



Here are the guidelines for in-season Schedule Management

  • Section IV: Rescheduling
  • Rainouts, Reschedules, etc.
  • Field Conditions: To cancel or not to cancel?


All rescheduling of games will be the responsibility of the Umpire Coordinator. Teams may not reschedule their own games without permission and approval of the Umpire Coordinator.

Requests for rescheduling must be submitted to the Umpire Coordinator at least one week in advance of the date scheduled and at least one week in advance of any desired date to move the game up in the schedule. If both managers desire the rescheduling, the request will be granted by the Umpire Coordinator if an appropriate time and location can be established. If only one manager desires the rescheduling, the request will be granted by the Umpire Coordinator if an appropriate time and location can be established and if the basis for the request is because of a bonafide school or church event that causes the team to be unable to field the minimum number of players to begin the game. A list of players that cannot play must
be submitted to the Umpire Coordinator at the time of the request.

If a game is to be postponed, an attempt will be made to reschedule for an open spot within seven days, so long as that date is prior to the end of the regularly scheduled season or start of the division tournament.
If a game cannot be rescheduled, the teams must then arrive at the field on the original date and at the appropriate time with at least eight (8) players (see Rule 7 in Section II above concerning use of alternate players).
T-ball games will not be rescheduled.


Managing Cancellations, Rainouts, and Reschedules

Mini-Minor And Tball Divisions

The rules say: There shall be no forfeits or rescheduling of games due to lack of players.

This does not mean it is not allowed, just that it is not mandatory to get every game in for these two divisions. If managers agree to make the game up that was cancelled for any reason, they will coordinate with the Umpire Coordinatorto schedule it.

Women’s, Major, Jr. Major, and Intermediate, and Minor Divisions

All scheduled games should take place so as to ensure proper seeding for the higher divisions. Every effort should be made to play every game scheduled. If a game can not be played for whatever reason, one team must be awarded the win while the other is forced to forfiet. See the Section IV, Rescheduling tab for guidelines.

Every effort should be made to play all scheduled games in the Minor Division also, however, seedings in this division are not determined by regular season standings, they are done by random selection. See the Tournament Seeding tab for details.



This is the procedure that has to happen everytime a schedule change is made:

  • Cacellations due to Rainouts/Weather:
    • The Field Coordinator makes the decision to cancel or postpone a game.
    • They notify the Umpire Coordinator.
    • The Umpire Coordinator is responsible for notifiying everyone who needs to know.

  • Notify everyone who needs to know:

    • Update the website. The website should be updated before anything else. Update the website. Open the game online and set it's status appropriately (rainout, cancelled, etc.). If changing the date or time, make the change and make a note in the Game Preview text field explaining. Check the public site to make sure your change was made and is clear to the public on the main screen of

    • Email all managers effected by the change. They will notify thier teams.

    • If the game moved is INT OR JMM: notify treasurer and umpire assignor.
      If the game moved is minor: notify the Jr. Umpire assignor, see the Junior Umpire Training Program tab.

    • If a game is added, cancelled, or delayed on Winne, notify the announcing scheduler. The announcing scheduler will notify the person scheduled to announce.
    • If a games are washed out, notify the website administrator who may want to put an alert on the home page indicating games are rained out.

Rescheduling Rainouts and Requests

In the event of a game cancellation due to weather, notify the Umpire Assignor immediately. EGGSL is billed if the Assignor is not notified at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled start for a rain out and at aleast 48 hours prior to the scheduled start for a cancellation.

See Field Conditions, Cancel or not to cancel tab.

All rainouts and granted reschedule requests will be immediately rescheduled to the next Sunday. Make every attempt to schedule around travel team practices, which are usually completed by 4 or 6. This may not be possible, in which case a travel team is subject to being bumped in favor of a Rec make-up game.

Reschedule the rainout games as soon as possible and notify the managers. Don't notify the umpire assignor until the managers confirm the reschedule. If managers can not field a team, refer to the SECTION IV: RESCHEDULING tab for guidelines.



What if the Sunday make-ups are rained out? Dont wait for the next Sunday to get those games in. Use any open slots that week, including night spots for the older divisions. Keep the reschedules as tight to the original date as possible. In the event of a rainy spring, every open slot will be needed in order to complete the season as scheduled. Make up games as soon as possible!

Cancellations on Winne or Patriot

When a game is cancelled and it frees up Winne or Patriot, move games accordingly. Keep games on Winne or Patriot when possible for concession revenue and to give teams more games on primary fields:

Winne is Cancelled: Move Patriot to Winne, move Goff or other field's game to Patriot.

Patriot is Cancelled: Move Goff or other field's game to Patriot

If Winne ends up empty, notify the announcing scheduler.


Managing Conflict

The role of Umpire Coordinator includes notifying managers of rescheduled games and mediating any conflicts or schedule related disputes. The Umpire Coordinatormakes final decisions regarding the schedule, but if issues come up that require discussion, or are potentially volatile, consult the board of directors immediately. We will not please everyone all the time, but will always base our decisions on whatever makes sense and is the most equitable for all parties, prioritizing what is best for the players.




SECTION II.4.(a)- Field Conditions

a. Prior to Game Start
Prior to the start of games, the Field Coordinator (previously was the Umpire Coordinator’s
responsibility) shall make the decisions as to whether or not playing fields are suitable for play.
Such decisions shall, if practicable, be made at least one hour prior to the scheduled game
times, and the managers, the Umpire Coordinator, the Director-on-Duty, and the Refreshments Coordinator shall be notified (and each will be expected to call others affected by the decisions).
If the Field Coordinator is not available to make the decisions, the Umpire Coordinator shall
make the decisions. If neither is available, the decision shall be made by the League President.
If the League President is not available, the decision shall be made by the Board member
present with the most cumulative seniority as a Board member.





Frequently Asked Questions

This page will be updated periodically.

Who can reserve fields and batting cages?

Rec and travel managers will request fields for practices and the batting cages for bp. Use of the facilities and equipment is ecouraged for all registered members of EG Softball. Managers should book timeslots with the Umpire Coordinator. If anyone but a manager requests a booking they should coordinate with thier rec or travel manager.

The batting cages and Winne field are two separate locations and need to be booked independently.

See the Battting Cages section under the Scheduling/Schedule Pracctices Tab.



Jr. Umps: the Umpire Training Program

EGGSL runs an umpire training program for the older advanced players to participate in. It is a great opportunity for the older girls, and a great inspiration to learn the game for the younger girls. All Minor division regular season games are officiated by two Jr. Umps.

Minor Divisional Playoff games and the Championship game are officiated by Contract umpires. The Umpire Coordinator includes the minor divisional playoffs in the schedule sent to the Umpire Assignor.

The Coordinator of the Umpire Training Program handles everything including payment and scheduling.

The Umpire Coordinator should make the Minor division schedule available in daily format. The Coordinator of the Umpire Training Program will Assign umps to each game scheduled.

Be sure to notify them of any Minor division schedule changes during the season.